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19.8.2011. 12:39:49

Vrlo zanimljiva galerija, fotografije stvaraju poseban ugođaj i imaju priču, jako lijepo!


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Born at 1964 in Maribor / Slovenia my first contact whit the photography was through my uncle when I was 4. I loved to assist him when he was developed photos in his small dark room. When I was five I become my first Laica and from that day to photograph was a part of my life. I was fascinated about the possibility to freeze a moment and keep it forever. 1978 I reach my big goal. Finally I saved enough money to buy my own photo labor equipment, of course for black and white photos. Color photos at that time were just an unreachable dream for me. So thru my school years I was improve my pocket money by photographing school events, birthdays and similar. Now the digital cameras changed the world of photography. Dark room was exchanged by PC, good cameras are reachable almost to anyone and everything is a little less complicated, so my old love awaked again. I love the challenge of the new techniques because it is very interesting how the different ways leading us to the same results. Here some of my photos I like and wish to share with you. I hope you like it!

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