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17.1.2019. 19:24:03

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O meni

"Only an artist knows what he meant to say with his work
and sometimes you’ll need to deal with it.”

Matija Peček is a photographer based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Since 2005, Matija’s main interest was shown in conceptual photography, fashion & people. His first exhibition was held in the High school he attended and another few at the parties under Pure Plectro productions. Until now, his work has been presented on many photography sites. He achieved notable collaborations with Aždaja boutique and K.R.U.G. PE productions, whose photographer he was for a long time. Five of his photographs got the book covers.

Matija got his affirmation on Fotosofia in 2016. His inspirational photographers are Tim Walker, Ali Mahdavi and Viona Ielegems. “It is a way of living to see a photograph in every moment of your life” – Matija explains.

Shibari/kinbaku rope enthusiast; Part of Kink'Om organisation and teaching rope.

Solo Exhibit -
Duboki Vezovi // Deep Bounds - 14.1./11.2. 2019.
Emotional portraiture with physical ropeart in the exhibit area.
Hosted by Knjižnica i čitaonica Bogdana Ogrizovića, Preradovićeva 5 Zagreb.

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