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2.5.2011. 1:32:05

jako zanimljiva galerija sa izvanrednim fotkama :)


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Hi! I'm from London, thus speak fantastic English ;) I'm currently living in Zagreb with my fiance, though spend a lot of time hanging with the future inlaws in Bjelovar. I am doing my best at learning Hrvatski and enjoying this delightfully beautiful country, which is the not so difficult part. I don't think i've eaten and drunk so much in any other country and I have circled the globe! I have just recieved my visa, so Croatia is now my oyster :D I am always interested in new techniques and ways to capture more surreal imagery and textures. I like my images to translate into a visual for the way I see the world. I studied Graphic Design at the London College of Printing (University of the Arts) and also Digital photography at the same university.

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