Vijesti - Aphrodite IOPC 2014. foto natječaj

29. listopad 2014. @ 10:32

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Vijesti - Natječaj“NO TO VIOLENCE”

16. rujan 2014. @ 13:18
Dear Photography Friends,

Photo Club SFAX from Tunisia, Photo Club FOT from Bosnia and Herzegovina and

the Photographic Society of PANNONIA from the Republic of Croatia,

have the honor of inviting you to participate in the upcoming exhibition of photographs.

The exhibition will be held from 3rd December 2014 to 14th December 2014

in the MUNICIPAL GALLERY of Sfax in Tunisia.

The theme of the exhibition is “NO TO VIOLENCE”

(prevention of and fight against violence in any form,

combating violence of man against man, man against nature, etc.)

Participation in the exhibition is open to artists from all over the world,

amateurs and professionals.

There is no any exhibition fee

Photos can be in color or black and white, 300 dpi, JPG, size 30x40 cm

Last date for submiting of photos: 25th September 2014

Each author may submit a maximum of 5 photos

Address for submission:

Photos will be evaluated by an international expert jury:

Prof. Mohamed Njah, UPI, Tunisia

Abdulmagid Alglid, Associated Press, Canada

Mirsad Mujanovic AFIAP, MF AUFBIH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zlatko Balentic, AFIAP, Croatia

Each author will receive exhibition catalogue and

a certificate for participating

Prizes: First, second and third prize for the best photo

We'll be more than grateful if you could share this event with you photography friends/societies

Thank you for your participation and cooperation

With best regards,

Photographic Society PANNONIA

Trg J. Krizanica 1

31000 Osijek

Republic of Croatia

Milorad Cakardic


Phone: +385 31 327 178

Cell: +385 92 304 29 29

Web site:



Vijesti - Međunarodni foto salon Čačak 2014.

11. rujan 2014. @ 18:02

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